Frequently Asked Questions

Allure Matchmakers of New York City is a group of professionals with years of experience in matchmaking, training,  coaching and counseling.

Imagine having someone you trust solely focused on your romantic life. Helping you navigate the world of dating. Freeing up the time you might be spending searching for that special someone. Giving you dating tips and detailed feedback. Listening to what you want and then finding it. You don’t have to imagine it. Allure Matchmaking of New York City will do just that. This is what we do!

Why do I need Allure Matchmaking of New York City?

Allure Matchmaking of New York City brings a consultative approach to your dating life. We bring together high caliber individuals by building close relationships with our clients. You would never get this depth of knowledge in a casual acquaintance. We want to find you the right match. We’re not interested in sending you out on bad date after bad date. We want you to find the right relationship. Your happiness with our service and quality of matches is our success.

I date all the time, why do I need to pay someone to date?

Allure Matchmaking of New York City  is not only for people who have trouble finding dates, but also for people who have trouble finding the right dates. Most of our clients date often, but have trouble finding that special someone that they really click with. We cater to individuals who want to stop wasting their time and start spending that time with someone they connect with.

The kind of people I want to date won’t go to a matchmaker.

Allure Matchmaking of New York City Matchmaking system is so discreet you’d be surprised at how many people have met and are currently meeting through our matchmaker system. The stigma of using a resource to help you find love is over. People are busier today than ever and are sick of bars and bad blind dates. You’re probably busy in other areas of your life and have hired someone-- trainers, nutritionists, dog walkers, real estate agents etc. Placing your romantic future in our capable hands saves you time and ensures quality. Our clients have a lot to offer and are serious about meeting the right person.

I’m super busy. How will I find the time?

That’s the great thing about our service. We do all the work for you. You just have to agree to go on the date and we set it all up for you. It takes a lot of energy to find the right person, and that’s why Allure Matchmaking is right for you. We will only set you up with serious matches. Perfect for someone who is busy.

I’ve done online dating. What’s the difference?

Anyone can join a dating website. If you’ve done online dating we’re sure you’ve had some less than stellar experiences. People are not always honest. Pictures are old. You might talk on the phone, but upon meeting they’re not what they seem. You’re going in almost blind. Allure Matchmaking eliminates all of that. We qualify every client. We get to know them personally, and our vested interest is making you happy. Once you experience the service and see the quality of our matches you’ll understand the difference and wonder why you ever bothered with online dating.

How will you protect my privacy?

Protecting your privacy isn't just important to Date Doctors of New York City, it's a principal of our service offering. We fully respect that some clients prefer to keep their use of our service confidential and we agree. Allure Matchmaking of New York City never divulges its list of clients to anyone. We absolutely never give out any personal information such as addresses, places of employment, referral names, and associations you may be a member of.

Is this a safe way to meet people?

Safety is a top concern for many people when meeting someone new. All Allure Matchmaking of New York City clients are screened initially over the phone and then in person during a 1-2 hour formal interview before they are qualified to become a client. Upon acceptance, Date Doctors of New York City performs a background check. This screening process provides you with the assurance you would not otherwise get in a casual dating atmosphere.


We are a certified matchmaking company with experience, knowledge and consistency!